Spectrum Monitoring

Real-time analysis enables an entirely new way to capture and visualize fast transient RF signals versus a traditional swept spectrum analyzer.

Never Miss a Signal

Today's RF designs utilize rapidly changing and pulsing signals that are difficult to consistently capture on traditional swept spectrum analyzers. The RIGOL RSA Family delivers a class leading 7.45 μsec 100% probability of intercept meaning that any pulse with a duration of greater than 7.45 μsec will be captured and accurately displayed.

Isolate & Capture

IoT Device proliferation means more traffic crowding the available spectrum making identifying and isolating signals of interest critically important. The RSA Family includes advanced trigger capabilities making this task easier.

Frequency Mask Trigger captures and displays data when the signal crosses inside or outside of the masked region allowing the engineer to focus on critical signals and ignore interfering ones.

Power Trigger allows the engineer to trigger and display only when a power level is exceeded within the real-time span.

Trigger Input & Output allow the engineer to time correlate RF events with other system elements to quickly find root cause of system problems.

IF Output recreates the real-time bandwidth on a 430 MHz carrier for further analysis.

Visualize & Analyze

Complex modulating and pulsing signals require advanced visualization tools to identify patterns and debug designs. The RSA Family provides 7 Real-time Visualization modes to look at signal behavior versus power, frequency and time. 6 markers, 4 trace types, and trace math capabilities allow engineers to quickly analyze and understand signal behavior across the entire span.

Explore Real-Time Display Modes

RSA Family Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

All new Linux based platform enables engineers to quickly capture, identify and analyze complex RF Events

  • Category Leading Real-time Performance
  • Rich data displays
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Outstanding Swept Spectrum Performance
  • Complete Analysis Capability
Check out the
RSA Family Spectrum Analyzers
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