Discover the Power of
Real-Time Spectrum Analysis


transient and short duration signals confidently


errors in power, frequency, and time


signals of interest


RF signals and the devices that control them

Real-Time Simplifies
Spectrum Monitoring

Quickly Capture, Identify, and Analyze complex RF environments containing frequency hopping signals, channel conflict and spectrum interference.

Learn about our
Spectrum Monitoring Solutions

Characterize Your
RF Devices & Systems

Fully characterize antennas, amplifiers, filters, mixers, and functional parameters of transmitters & phase-locked loops.

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RF Device Characterization Solutions

Simplified EMI PreCompliance & Debug

Identify compliance problems with built in EMI test configurations and analysis capability. Quickly debug identified issues in Real-Time mode.

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EMI Solutions

RSA Family Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

All new Linux based platform enables engineers to quickly capture, identify and analyze complex RF Events

  • Category Leading Real-time Performance
  • Rich data displays
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Outstanding Swept Spectrum Performance
  • Complete Analysis Capability
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RSA Family Spectrum Analyzers
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