RIGOL Spectrum Analyzers

From entry level swept spectrum analyzers to advanced real-time analysis RIGOL provides unprecedented value.

Whether you are doing simple signal visualization, integrating wireless technologies into your IoT design, characterizing component performance, preparing for emissions compliance testing or working with complex modulated signals RIGOL has a Spectrum Analyzer to fit your need and budget.

Customers working with complex and rapidly changing signals will appreciate the performance, advanced capabilities, and seamless capture of the UltraReal Real-time Spectrum Analyzer portfolio

Customers who need reliable basic RF visualization tools will appreciate the unprecedented value of our traditional swept spectrum analyzers

Family of Real-time Spectrum Analyzers

Combining the Power of Real-time analysis with a performance swept Spectrum Analyzer

transient and short duration signals confidently with seemless real-time capture of up to a 40MHz span and a 7.45usec minimum POI.
errors in power, frequency, and time with 7 rich visualization modes
signals of interest with powerful Frequency Mask Trigger and Power Trigger capabilities
RF Signals and devices that control them with advanced analysis tools for complex signal analysis and pre-compliance testing
Combined with the Power of a High Performance Swept Spectrum Analyzer
  • 3.0GHz, 3.2GHz, 4.5GHz and 6.5GHz models
  • Available Tracking Generators
  • Down to 1ms Full Span Sweep
  • Down to 1Hz RBW
  • Low Noise (DANL to -165dBm)
  • Low Phase Noise (-108dBc/hz)

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Monitoring

EMI Measurement Application Mode

UltraReal Portfolio

RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer

  • 3.2GHz and 6.5GHz Models
  • DANL to -165dBm
  • RBW 1Hz
  • Real-time Bandwidth 25MHz (40MHz opt)
  • 7.45 μs 100% POI
  • 10.1’ Touch Display
  • Starting at $7,999

Models & Pricing  Introduction Video

RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer

  • 1.5GHz, 3.0Ghz and 4.5GHz Models
  • DANL to -161dBm
  • 1 or 10Hz RBW
  • Real-time Bandwith 10MHz (40MHz opt)
  • 7.45-9.3 μs 100% POI
  • 10.1’ Touch Display
  • Starting at $1,799

Models & Pricing  Introduction Video

EMI Analysis Mode

RIGOL's EMI Measurement Application provides a complete EMI Pre-Compliance Solution allowing engineers to measure, compare, analyze, and report on EMI issues throughout their design process.

Learn More

VSA Analysis Mode

RIGOL's Vector Signal Analysis provides ability to demodulate and analyze complex modulation types and. View constellation diagrams, spectrum, time, errors, and symbols to speed debug of these complex signals.

Learn More

RIGOL Swept Spectrum Analyzers

Powerful Visualization and Analysis Tools at an Economical Price Deliver Unprecedented Value

Our DSA series Spectrum Analyzers are proven performers for a wide range of RF and EMI applications

  • Unmatched price performance from 500MHz to 7.5GHz
  • DANL to -161dBm
  • 10Hz RBW on most models
  • Integrated Pre-Amp
  • Advanced Analysis Capabilities
    • EMI Filters/Quasi Peak Detectors
    • Advanced Measurements
    • VSWR Measurements

Swept Spectrum Portfolio

DSA700 Spectrum Analyzers

  • 500MHz and 1GHz Models
  • DANL to -130dBm
  • RBW 100Hz
  • 8" Display
  • Starting at $699

Models & Pricing

DSA815 Spectrum Analyzers

  • 1.5GHz Models
  • DANL to -155dBm
  • RBW 10Hz
  • Tracking Generator Option
  • 8" Display
  • Starting at $1,199

Models & Pricing

DSA832/875 Spectrum Analyzers

  • 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz Models
  • DANL to -161dBm
  • RBW 10Hz
  • Tracking Generator Option
  • 8" Display
  • Starting at $1,999

Models & Pricing

RIGOL Spectrum Analyzer Portfolio

Product Series Frequency Range Real Time Analysis Bandwidth Minimum DANL RBW Display RIGOL vs. Competition
3.2GHz - 6.5GHz
25MHz (40 MHz opt)
-165 dBm
10.1" Touch
1.5GHz - 4.5GHz
-161 dBm
10.1" Touch
1.5GHz - 7.5GHz
-161 dBm
500MHz - 1GHz
-130 dBm

Uncompromised Performance...
Unprecedented Value

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